Instant Remedies

There shouldn’t be any dark area inside the house. Make sure there is at least one light everywhere, even in store rooms.


Plants can help us ensure a good health for ourselves and our family. Especially a money plant. Keeping a money plant inside the house, even in the washrooms is very important.


Suffering from a weak memory? Having a weak Aagyachakra and sanskarchakra ? Don’t worry, we have got the solution you were looking for! It’s simple. To keep yourself and your family away from this trouble, keep purple flowers inside the house. Someplace where they are easily visible.


Leaving your house for something important? Want to ensure that you successfully achieve your target? No problem. Just make sure that when you are leaving the house you look at a beautiful pot filled with water. Simple, isn’t it?


Everyone loves to stay healthy and also wants to see their loved ones in the best of health. You can make sure it happens by doing this one easy task. Keep some Rock salt in every room of your house and it’s done.


Shoes should always be taken off outside the house and if we have some extra space we should make sure that it’s kept on the left side of anyone entering our house.


To get rid of all the negative energy surrounding us and protect us from any of it reaching us we should check for any broken electronics in our house. If any, we should get them repaired or throw them right away.


Never keep multiple idols of one deity in your house and also they shouldn’t be taller than 8-10 inches. Make sure you keep them very clean.


Keep your house neat and tidy all the time. Specially the kitchen. It shouldn’t be messy at all.Also, make sure that there are no utensils in the sink at night but if any, make sure that they are arranged properly.